Groups have wisdom and a capacity for inspired thinking that can help them solve problems.  My role is to engage people in meaningful conversations that enable them to harness their collective wisdom in order to generate insights that lead to better decisions. 


Skillful Facilitation helps leaders, directors and teams to clarify their vision and translate that vision into reality.  Abby Yanow and her associates are recognized for excellent facilitation, coaching and consulting services.  We work with organizations to harness the collective knowledge of participants in order to generate innovation and sustainable solutions.


Do any of these resonate with you? 
  • ​​Do people leave your meetings feeling confused about the decisions that were made?
  • Do people get stuck in the weeds¯ in your meeting, when they need to be looking at the big picture?
  • Are you getting the benefit of diverse perspectives in your meetings, or does your group tend to manifest Groupthink?


It doesn't have to be this way.

​Skillful Facilitation has a successful approach to help you and your team work more productively, stay focused on the outcome, share assumptions and agree on the decision making process, so that you're not second-guessing previously-established decisions.



Being a leader can be challenging.  It can feel lonely; people are looking to you to come up with solutions that you may not have.  Frankly, sometimes we feel like we are In over our heads¯!  (To quote the book by Bob Kegan).  You need an ally,  someone to listen attentively, without judgment, to what puzzles or challenges you.  A coach: 

  • Listens and asks powerful questions that help you gain insight.
  • Engages you in reflection to summon your own resources and wisdom.
  • Offers a reframe to look at a problem from another angle or from a system perspective.
  • Listens to your sense-making and explores how that serves you or how it gets in your way.

Types of problems where Abby has helped leaders increase their effectiveness:
  1. Helping a leader overcome fear of public speaking.
  2. Coaching a new manager, who was more comfortable as an individual contributor, to grow into his management role. 
  3. Helping a division chief develop strategy to get senior management to buy-in to changing the organizational design to relieve him of an unmanageable span of control, managing 26 people.
  4. Coaching a director to better engage her team, which resulted in increased morale.